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Aug 26, 2014-China-When people determine to purchase the electric chariot, there are many useful factors which they should pay more attention. Today, the famous China self balancing scooter supplier

will tell people these factors.

First, the power supply must be the lithium-irons battery. However, the traditional lead-acid battery cannot meet the requirements of the power supply for this kind of electrical device. The self balancing scooter which uses the lead-acid batteries obviously owns very low performance and it should be only suitable for flat ride slowly and not suitable for climbing, grass and other bad environment.


e balance scooter

Secondly, many other manufacturers abandon the protection board for the lithium battery to save costs. Frankly speaking, without the help of the protective board, the risk in the driving process will be easy appearing. In general, the price of big balanced cars battery protection board is between 700-900 dollars. Each people should carefully check this point when they are selecting the self balancing scooter.

The third point is about the comfortable feeling. Currently, most of these balanced scooters in the market have very adversely comfortable level. These bad quality scooters will each appear some bad situations such as platform shaking, obvious gap which let the stability of the scooter has very large incline, easy to turning the direction, if the speed of the

electric unicycle

is very high, the car will easily cause into the traffic accident. This situation is very dangerous.

The fourthly factor is about the extensibility which should be the popular trend of todays self balancing scooter. As the releasing of the phone APP, balance car will also become a kind of mobile hardware platform and the important entrance to the Internet.

The last point is about the so called dual system. Most of these sales will say that their


has the high tech dual system. But, in fact, the double systems are almost unnecessary. The dual system is equal to a publicity stunt and its stability is not better than the single system stability because the more parts in this device the higher of the failure rate.

At last, if each people could pay attention to the above content, the technician from famous electric chariot can ensure that they will eventually buy the balancing car with high quality and cheap price. If people want to know more information about this, please visit our official website.


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